Visit a Jewellery Studio (with Creative Workshop)

This is a great opportunity and an eye-opener towards the beautiful art of handcrafted jewellery. 


- Use of metals: copper, silver, gold
- Technical demo on metals:
 - bending
 - sawing
 - pounding
 - embossing
 - ornamentation with precious stones
 - Use of colors – ceramics, enameling

The small grouped workshop guarantees the good mood and the hands-on experience of the ancient profession. Of course there is an opportunity to let your creativity fly and try out the techniques. No prior skill required.

1-hour workshop – 40 EUR 

Just for a sneak peak and a demo, no hands-on experience.

Souvenir: fridge magnet. 

2-hour workshop – 80 EUR 

Demo, then technical tryout: create your own object!

Souvenir: Hungarian themed gift. 

3-hour workshop – 120 EUR 

Demo, technical tryout and deep dive. Plan and create your own jewellery!

Souvenir: Silver coffee spoon. 

Location: H-1023 Budapest, Apostol u. 6.

 Time: mornings or evenings on workdays (weekends possible after agreeing on an appointment) You can join anytime after contacting us in e-mail or phone: info@otvosalapitvá or +36 20 433 2349, +36 30 274 5853

 Acceptable payments: Cash, bank transfer, credit card.